University of Auckland Ancient History and Classical Studies Rome Trip for 2013. Maree and I will be keeping this up to date, posting pictures and stories of our adventures from the 28th NOV to 25th DEC.

Hope ya'll enjoy :) ask questions if you need to. Or facebook us :P
Background Illustrations provided by:

Image 1: Tomb of Caecilia Matella, 30-20BC, 

Image 3: Ancient road interset with the modern on the Via Appia Antica

Image 4: Circus of Maxentius (fun fact: never actually used except for in the movie Ben Hur)

Image 5: Very early Christian symbols used in the Catacombs of Domitilla

Image 6: Tomb of the Scipiones

Ostia Antica

Image 1: Little remaining decoration on the temple of Rome and Augustus, erected by the Emperor Tiberius

Image 2: View down one of the main streets. Marks can still be seen in the basalt that make up the road from the wheels of carts

Image 3-4:Well preserved wall paintings

Image 5: Cult statue of Mithras in underground chamber